Günter’s desire to come to America was prompted at the very early age of 6. That culminated in both Günter and his wife Nicoleta immigrating to the States in 1981. The first 20 years of their professional lives were spent playing with the top symphony orchestras, opera house orchestras in Europe, and teaching at the Richard-Strauss Conservatory and the Hochschule fur Musik in Munich, Germany.

Then three sons were born: Alexander, Nicholas, and Christopher. After their birth, they immigrated to Los Angeles, CA where Günter delivered Christopher himself-definitely an adventure! Now came the time of only teaching music in the States. Having studied Music Therapy with Gertrud Orff in Munich, they began teaching it and introducing children, from birth, to the world of music. Some former students were the Olson twins at the age of 2 and many Hollywood star children in Beverly Hills. At this time, they taught music education classes at California State University and Northridge.

Now for the next adventure in their lives! The Northridge Earthquake in 1994! That is when they found Fort Collins, Colorado in January 1995 and opened up Philomusica – a European music school for the whole family which now has its 20th anniversary!



Event Information:

  • Sun

    White Water Mountain Descents

    12p - 7pon 287 just west of Shields

    Bring the family and have some fun with games and music!



Günter Bischof